Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hotel Rooms

The highlight of the Folger symposium for me was the earnest grad student who very earnestly suggested that I might want to get in touch with Bonnie Gordon because my project sounded so similar to hers. She was pretty sure Professor Gordon would be accessible on email. (She obviously had not seen the inbox with at least ten unanswered student emails in it) There is something refreshing about being at a conference for another discipline and being largely anonymous. Only twice did I have the urge to jump up and down and say “hey I’m a tenured professor too………” I forgot how much I love the Folger—it was a real haven for me in graduate school.

But the real highlight remains of course the large and lovely hotel room alone which seemed delicious enough that I dodged dinner invitations last night. The morning Eli and I left for our great adventure on the train did wonders for making the solo morning seem even better. See below for the short version of thurs morn in dialogue.

Eli I’m goin on the twain twan twain (in a song) I’m gonna stay with Joyce and Papa all by myself.

Jonathan omg I can’t take it I’m going to die. Kick kick scream scream. I can not go to school today I am too devastated.

Rebecca Mooooommmmy get me dressed. I have nothing to wear. You promised I could have another playdate with Haley. I will not practice the piano with anyone but you.

Eli I’m going on the twain twain twain. I got my chocolate milk in my packbak

J Noooooooo this is the wrong brand of cheerios…….

R Mooooommy Jonathan is tamtruming too much. We need to take him back to his therapist. (She means occupational therapist)

Me Jonathan I am putting you in your Tupperware until you turn 7. Rebecca you have a closet full of clothes put something on the law says you can’t go to school naked. Eli stop talking now.

Pause for three seconds

All quietly eating the wrong brand of cheerios. Rebecca is getting dressed. Jonathan is reading.

Eli Jonathan is reading to me………

Are all children bipolar/?

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