Thursday, November 26, 2009

SIx kids and a dog

Just a few highlights from the first two days of six kids under 7. My sister and I each have three. And for the record we are both done—all Gordon girl kitchens are closed. Eli and Ethan, aged 3 and 4 are having a slumber party in one room while Hannah and Jonathan and Rebecca aged 5 and 6 are in another. Their room looks like a tornado ran through it. Jacob bunks with his parents.

1 Dinner is not a peaceful affair but my 18 month old nephew does LOVE gingerbread pumpkin trifle and ate his weigh in it.

2. Rebecca finger knitted a pink bracelet for her grandfather which he was kind enough to wear. She’s slowly redecorating her grandparent’s house with pictures, pipe cleaner sculptures and quite a bit of furniture rearranging She’s also secretly teaching her cousin to spell words she things are bad “Butt” “Boodey” (That’s booty) It’s secret in a sort of shout it from the roofs kind of way.

3 Let me apologize to the patrons who paid good money to see the terra cotta soldiers at National Geographic on Thanksgiving. Yes that was my kid wearing a bright gold yarn colored necklace and squeezing his tiny body up in front of everyone to read the text. And yup he was also the one sitting on the floor of trying to find the statues in his book. The one who thought the barrier in front of the chariot was some sort of punching bag was also mine. And no the one I carried screaming out of the gift store wasn’t mine—that one belonged to my sister. It is tall, blond and coordinated so you know it’s not mine.

4. Jonathan managed to get his grandmother to make six Roman family costumes. Yes she is super crafty grandma which is part of the reason I have a complex—I make nothing. Jonathan is of course a senator and is feeling rather thwarted since his whole plan for how this would work fell apart when the other two boys insisted on being soldiers. Rebecca has announced that she is vesta. I’m not sure about how I feel about my daughter aspiring to be a vestal virgin and a cleaner of hearths but whatever…….

5. For after dinner entertainment the two girls were doing ballet to folk music, the little boy were riding around on their battery operated vespas saying they’re “gonna shoot the girls” “bang bang you dead” The oldest boy was begging for his favorite song Streets of Loredo—and no I don’t know what that says about my son but it can’t bode well for junior high. The littlest baby was just trying to get in the way.

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