Monday, April 26, 2010


Note to self---do not dart in front of an SUV three weeks before a conference you are organizing and before the end of the term. In effect I Iost two weeks of my life and emerging in the middle of some sort of end of semester vortex. My morning began with realizing that I had failed to take into account UVa's wine policy which is extensive and legalistic. It involved many emails with grad students, staff, the dean of students, and vice something of something. I forgot or blocked out the fact that one needs much paperwork completed a WEEK before an event if it involves wine. These crucial papers ensure the higher ups that we will not serve wine to undergrads. I always find this ironic since as far as I can tell the undergrad drink more than any of us even on our worst days can fathom.... The time I spent dealing with the vino problem robbed me of my opportunity to look at my notes which meant I basically taught Schoenberg with no prep and only later learned that the band director had been observing me. Meanwhile music 101 has become crisis central. I have three students with serious physical medical problems who are in one form of hospitalization or another. On our own medical front Thing 3 has a fever but he did not have the grace to catch strep from his siblings which would be easily cured with antibiotic. My seminar is slightly less stressful and I’ve taken to having it home in what is close to pj’s. I’m hoping that providing snacks makes up for the chaos of it and I asked my students to avert their eyes from the floor. Today Jonathan came in while a student was practicing his paper and asked “can I do some of my own research” he then wanted to know how to spell Socrates, pronounced so cra tius.

I did manage yesterday to procure a replacement lipstick which should help with some of my aesthetic concerns. One of my friends looked at my bruise and kindly said “you have a third butt.” Another suggested that perky might not be in the cards for me now and said “sweety you’re just about think enough to do tragic maybe we better just go with that….”

I finally started to feel better this weekend and various of my friends were kind
enough to "walk" me. I'm still pretty enthralled with my muscle relaxers which i think could be used recreationaly, for now they do a great job of taking the pain away. My parents were here which was a huge help. I think all five of us were headed for some sort of collapse and they gave us a nice respite and took the kids for all kinds of fun adventures.

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